Anonymous: Do you add everyone back on snapchat? I don't wanna add u and have u not accept it lol

It’s snapchat I don’t really care because you don’t even know who they are…

bornbackw-rds: Gotta give it to you, you come up with the best answers to some of the dumbest questions you're asked

I’m clever and sarcastic

I don’t wanna fall In love


I want someone to smoke with , drink with , eat with , just chill with , laugh & have sex. Fuck a label

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Anonymous: Omg Your so handsome. But so far 😢

Thanks lol , sorry you’re upset

Anonymous: Snapchat?


Anonymous: Do you have tips for people with really low self esteem?

It’s ” self esteem ” so it’s you. Only you can make yourself feel better

Anonymous: Top 5 designers

Uniqlo x5

coffyqueen: lmaooo some of these people ask you the worst questions

They’re entertaining

Why I’m Single


I’m not interested in anyone but when I am, they don’t give the same amount of effort that I do.

Anonymous: what's the point in relationships if the couple is eventually going to break up? Unless girl is wife material , dating is unconventional... Wouldn't you agree?

Clearly people date because theres a physical and mental connection. How can you possibly know? How can you know the person youre dating isn’t the one youre going to marry etc? Everyone dating someone clearly sees a future with the person. They all don’t work out because technically you’re meant to be with just one person. Theres billions of people….wheres your logic?